Congratulations On Your New Furnace Purchase!
We know you’ll want to make your investment last and start paying for itself over time, so make sure you follow these four simple steps to take good care of your furnace.

1. Create The Optimal Furnace Area
Here’s a simple step you can take to make installation easier and also help keep dust, allergens, and mildew from getting into your new furnace and ducts.

First, sort and remove any clutter or items close to your old furnace. Then, create an open perimeter around the furnace so that air can easily circulate without obstructions.

Next, do a sweep around the furnace area, followed by a detailed vacuuming job with a shop-vac or an attachment on your regular vacuum.

Finish by doing a “dust bath” by wetting and wiping the area with old towels.

This series of steps will clear almost all existing dust within your reach from the area where your new furnace will be, keeping it from entering your new filters and allowing us ease of getting right to the job.

2. Get A Professional Furnace Installation Service
Now that you’ve primed the area for your new furnace, it’s time to hire a professional. Make sure you hire a provider with solid reviews and experience.

You want all of your existing ductwork inspected and cleaned so that your new furnace will perform without getting these old contaminants in its system.

We will make sure all mechanical parts, gas connections, and electrical work are done properly to code and we will test the thermostat pressure to make sure everything is working at its best.

3. Keep Your Investment Running At Peak Performance
Follow up on your installation by setting up a maintenance plan with us. Set an appointment for six months to a year from installation for us to check airflow and performance with you. Pure Air Solutions, LLC [call us today].

We will advise you on how often to change your filters, and also do a cleanout of the heating/cooling source, where dirt is the biggest enemy to performance. The best time to schedule this maintenance is right after the end of the heating season when we can get the accumulation of dust out.

4. Change Your Filters Regularly
We recommend you keep one or two spare filters on hand near your furnace to make sure you are ready to change it. After installation, we’ll go over the manufacturer’s recommended filter change time and also any special considerations for you and your family.

If you have pets, live in an especially dusty area, smoke, or suffer from allergies, chances are you may need to change the filter a bit more frequently than the recommended time. We will help you decide and try it out.

By following these four tips, you’ll protect your furnace and help it perform over a longer lifespan.

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