People who have central air conditioning depend on their ductwork in Broomfield, CO, to distribute cool air to the rooms throughout their homes during the hot summers. Advances in technology have allowed ducts, once notoriously leaky, to become ever more energy efficient.

    Ductwork in Broomfield, CO

    You can count on our team at Pure Air Solutions, LLC to keep abreast of these advances when it comes to AC duct repair, installation, and maintenance.

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    Duct systems are essentially pathways designed to carry conditioned air to the various parts of your house. The trunk is the main part of the ductwork. Conduit branches connect to the trunk and reach out to the individual rooms.

    There are several different types of ducts, and our HVAC professionals can help you determine which type is right for you:
    • Rigid
    • Flexible
    • Sheet metal
    • Fiberglass lined
    • Fiberboard

    Rigid ductwork is tough, long-lasting and reliable. It comes in a variety of shapes, including cylinders and rectangular tubes, and can be made of different materials. It’s more expensive than flexible types of ducts, but it’s quieter and generally delivers cleaner air if it’s made of sheet metal. This is because the hard and nonporous surfaces discourage mold and other pathogens. Rigid ducts can also have fiberglass lining on the inside and outside or can be made of fiberboard.

    These are strands of fiberglass that are compressed together, bonded with resin, and then protected with a covering of foil laminate.

    Flexible ductwork is constructed out of metal coils covered with plastic and protected by insulation that’s often made of glass wool. These ducts tend to be easier to install than rigid ducts. However, flexible ducts need to be strongly supported so they don’t kink or sag, as this can affect how the air flows into your home.

    The material your ducts are made of and whether it’s flexible or rigid determines how they’re installed and repaired. You may need AC duct repair if you notice certain problems such as lots of dust in your vents, noticeable differences in the temperatures of various rooms, bad smells, evidence of vermin, or insufficient airflow.

    AC Duct Repair in Broomfield

    NATEWith its view of the Rocky Mountains and its many green spaces, including Bay Aquatic Park, Broomfield is a wonderful place to live. Make sure you get maximum enjoyment out of your home by keeping your AC ducts in good working order. Our NATE-certified technicians are kept informed of the latest advances and techniques in HVAC technology, and the professionals on our staff are always pleased to serve customers in and around Broomfield.

    If you think you need AC duct repair in Broomfield, don’t hesitate to contact us at Pure Air Solutions, LLC today.

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