Once you decide which HVAC company will provide air conditioning services for your home, you should make sure the contractor properly insulated the air ducts. In every home, the duct system that runs through the walls, ceilings, and floors to make sure air is distributed to every room is key for getting the best use of energy.

Here are two possible effects when this important home system is not installed the right way.

The Effects of Poorly Sealed Air Ducts: Wasted Energy
Unwanted air leaks make it almost impossible to control airflow and temperature in your home. Often, homeowners are not even aware there is a problem. The air leaks can come from poor insulation or unsealed or damaged joints. Unconditioned air creeps into the system through those unsealed joints to work against the air conditioner or heater. Conditioned air can also leak out of the joints and not flow to the rooms in your house. Either scenario is a waste of energy.

The Effects of Poorly Sealed Air Ducts: Higher Bills
If you are unaware of a leaking air duct, you will likely keep trying to adjust the thermostat in the house in an effort to either cool or heat the house. This is pointless unless the leak is repaired. Instead of seeing a solution to your temperature problem, you will see an unwelcome spike in your energy bills. Unfortunately, many people do not know to even check for a leak until they receive a bill that is higher than usual.

It is important to hire a professional to seal leaking ducts. Doing it yourself leaves too much margin for error. Professionals, like the team at Pure Air Solutions, LLC, know which materials are durable and approved for safety. We know how to prevent other conditions like moisture condensation. We can safely install carbon monoxide monitors.

Pure Air Solutions, LLC can provide the air conditioning services that prevent homeowners from trying to recover from an installation that they tried to do on their own.

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