Do you know how to change your furnace filter?

Changing a furnace filter is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to maximize your heating system’s efficiency and help purify your home’s air.

Doing so is easier than you think.

The procedure should take five or ten minutes. The most time-consuming part of this project will be finding what size filter you need and running to the store to purchase a replacement.

Essentially, you are just swapping out the old filter with a new replacement.

Change Your Furnace Filter
The first thing you want to do is to turn your furnace “off.”

It will help protect your HVAC system from loose debris or maybe a loose filter fitting escaping into the duct.

You can disconnect the power so that there is no power going to the furnace. This step is optional.

Find and Locate Your Furnace Filter
Identify where your furnace filter is. You’ll do this by most likely removing the cover on the front side of the furnace.

You can remove the furnace’s cover by pulling it up. If that doesn’t work, you can look at your furnace’s manual. It will help you locate the furnace filter.

After you locate the filter, you’ll want to confirm if your furnace filter even needs to be replaced. If your filter is plastic-framed, you don’t need to replace it. Just rinse it off in your sink or tub.

However, if it needs to be replaced, you’ll want to identify your furnace filter’s size next. It is usually pretty simple. Just look carefully for the size listed on the filter itself. Alternatively, you can measure the filter with a tape measure.

Removing The Old Furnace Filter
Remove the old filter from the furnace. When you remove it, make sure you check which direction the airflow arrow is pointing on the filter. You have to install your new filter with its airflow arrow pointing in the same direction; the arrows should be pointing toward the furnace.

Make sure you turn the thermostat in the “on” position once you have replaced the filter.

With your fresh filter, you are now ready to use your furnace again.

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