With winter just around the corner, you’re probably looking for ways to save money wherever you can.

You’ve come to the right place because, in today’s post, we’re going to be explaining five easy ways you can lower your utility bills this winter.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Investing in a Furnace Installation
We’ve had some frigid days lately, and we don’t expect the weather to warm significantly any time soon.

Given that you’ll be using your furnace every day for the next several months, it makes sense to invest in a unit that uses as little energy as possible.

Some of the models in today’s market can achieve up to 97 percent efficiency, which can save you a significant amount of money over a long time.

If you’re interested in learning more about furnace installations, then get in touch with one of our HVAC technicians!

Turning Down Your Hot Water Heater’s Thermostat
Most water heaters are set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit by default, but you can often get away with lowering the temperature by 10 to 20 degrees, depending on your household’s hot water usage.

Water heaters account for just under 20 percent of the average utility bill, and studies suggest that you can save anywhere between 6 and 10 percent on your utility bills by lowering the thermostat.

Installing a Programmable Thermostat
Programmable thermostats are one of the best inventions to hit the market in recent years.

Programmable thermostats allow you to set desired temperatures throughout the day, which ensures that your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency at all times.

For instance, you can program your thermostat to begin warming your home just before you walk through the door at night, which prevents your furnace from heating an empty home throughout the day.

Revisiting Your Insulation
If you notice that it’s difficult to heat your home, or if you’re already paying a high utility bill each month, then it may be worth calling a professional to request an inspection.

If you are losing energy through your walls or roof, purchasing new insulation is a great way to maximize your HVAC system’s output.

Checking Your Fridge and Freezer
Adjusting your fridge and freezer is another easy way to lower the total on your monthly utility bills.

Your refrigerator should be set somewhere in the range of 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, while your freezer should 5 degrees.

Contrary to what you may have heard, setting the operating temperatures any lower doesn’t keep your food fresh — it just uses more power.

We hope that today’s post will help you save money on your utility bills this year.

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