During the cold season, many people install heating sources to warm up from the cold thus more fire accidents occur.

Here are some basic home heating safety tips to prevent fire accidents in your home.

Turn Your Smoke Detectors On
You can’t tell when a fire accident will happen, so it is essential to turn the smoke detectors around your house on. Regularly check your smoke detectors and see if they still work properly. You easily can do this by blowing some smoke from a match or from a candle to the smoke detector to see whether or not the detector makes a sound. If a unit begins chirping intermittently it is losing power. Replace the old one with a new battery immediately.

Make Your Fire Extinguisher Easily Accessible
Place your fire extinguisher somewhere in your house, making sure it’s easily accessible. Be sure to keep it charged at all times. However, in case of a major fire, do not rely on your extinguisher, especially if you are the only one in your house. Just get out of the house immediately. Then, call the fire department right away.

Organize Your Own Family Fire Drills
Fire drills should be a priority for every family. Each member of your family should know exactly what to do and where to go when the fire detector sounds. There should be multiple exits out of each room in your house. If the exits include the windows, be sure to prepare the necessary equipment like rope or a ladder for the exit, especially from the second-story floor of your house.

Memorize The Fire Emergency Phone Number
Everyone in your family should memorize the fire emergency number AND the complete address of your home to use during an emergency call.

Hire A Professional Contractor For Heating Installation
Most fire accidents can be prevented if all heating systems and sources are installed correctly and safely. Pure Air Solutions, LLC is known for its safe heating installation procedures.

Use these heating safety tips to keep your home and family safe.

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