Your air conditioner is designed to keep your home cool during the summer, but like any system, it requires ongoing maintenance to sustain peak operating efficiency.

While some maintenance tips are best left to an HVAC professional (such as handling refrigerant), there are others you can perform yourself.

Here are four DIY air conditioning maintenance tips:

Change Your Filter
If your Air Conditioner is not keeping your home as cool as it should, you may need to change your air filter. Replace your air filters every one to three months for optimum function of your entire HVAC system. Not only will you be able to cool better, but you will also keep dust and allergens from circulating through your room air.

Clean The Condenser Coils
If you are getting little to no cool air from your HVAC unit, you may need to clean off the condenser coils. Dust, dirt, debris, grass, and bugs can all dirty the coils affecting how well the unit works.

If the coils are clogged, they will run for a while until the motor overheats and then shut off.

Check The Breaker
After a long day, there is nothing quite as disheartening as coming home to a hothouse and an air conditioner that will not turn on.

First, check the breaker that powers your air conditioner.

If it is tripped, turn it completely off and then turn it back on again.

If your air conditioner continues to trip the breaker, you likely have a short in the system that will need to be fixed by a certified air conditioner repair technician.

Replace The Thermostat
For some thermostat problems, there may be nothing more you can do except replace the thermostat.

If, after you have attempted these simple DIY air conditioning maintenance tips, and your AC unit is still not working, call Pure Air Solutions, LLC for repair.

Our certified technicians will have you cool and comfortable in no time.

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