As a Colorado homeowner, you’re already familiar with extreme winter weather. And, you already know how essential it is to have a home heating system that works properly.

But, did you know that a bit of routine maintenance to this equipment can help protect you from expensive heating repairs?

In this article, we’ll walk you through four common and costly issues, and what steps you can take to prevent them. Keep reading for all the details!

1. No Air Flow
If your system isn’t pushing much air, you may have an emergency issue forming in your ductwork. Because these passageways are likely in your home’s attic or walls, repairing heating ducts often requires professional intervention – which can cost a fortune if it’s done at the last minute.

Skip the sudden expense of ducted heating repairs by inspecting your ducts regularly. You’ll want to check for a high airflow and look out for leaks anywhere that two ducts join.

2. Ignition
The number one reason homeowners call for central heating repairs is a system that won’t turn on, or cycles between on and off again and again. This could have to do with your home’s gas or electric system. Or, it could be an electronic issue in the starter itself.

To prevent problems with ignition, you’ll want to periodically start the system when it isn’t cold out. This step is also a part of your heater’s routine maintenance plan.

3. Low Heat Output
If the heater is on but the air it’s blowing out isn’t very warm, a variety of issues could be at play. This problem might indicate dirty and clogged filters, an issue with the thermostat, or inadequate power.

Just like your heater’s ignition issues, this emergency can be prevented by regularly starting the system to ensure that it’s operating properly. You should also inspect your house for drafts and air leaks regularly, as poor insulation or doors and windows that don’t close properly could be a part of the problem.

4. Skyrocketing Bills
Did you just receive an electric or gas bill that’s much higher than usual? The average US household already spends between $500 and $1500 per month on this expense. So, an unexpectedly larger bill could add up to big trouble if you don’t have a ton of cash set aside for savings.

If your heater is suddenly far less efficient than usual, you’ll want to consider its age before moving forward. If the system is 15 years or older, you might soon be spending more on repairs than replacement.

Dodge Costly Heating Repairs
Armed with this blog post as your guide, you’ll never be forced to pay for emergency heating repairs again. Congratulations! Reading this article was your first step toward significant savings and keeping your home warm all winter long.

Next, you’ll want to get the cycle of routine maintenance started. This essential step will help you dodge unexpected spending come next winter.

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