As the colder months in Colorado keep rolling on, a working furnace is a must in your home. But when your furnace is making strange noises and isn’t keeping your home warm, it’s time to take a look at heating service repairs, because nothing makes a day worse than seeing your breath in your own living room! At Pure Air Solutions LLC, we specialize in heating and air conditioning services, so you could say we know our way around an HVAC system. Here are four common things we see when we’re investigating a furnace acting up.

Furnace filter being changed

The Furnace Filter is Dirty

If the furnace filter is dirty the airflow is restricted, and when there’s no air to cool off the furnace or supply it with the necessary oxygen for combustion, you’re going to deal with an overheating furnace. Try changing the filter, which can sometimes clog up. And if that doesn’t work, call us.

Testing furnace

The Furnace is Overheating

If the furnace is overheating you might have a dirty filter, something is blocking the vents, or you might have your thermostat set too high. All of these are easy fixes — simply remove the blockage or turn down your heat — but if that doesn’t do it, you need to get in touch with trusted professionals who can assess and repair your furnace with NATE certification.

Technician looking at furnace

There is a Problem With the Igniter

Your igniter is a component that creates a spark to ignite fuel in your furnace, thus generating heat. In order to diagnose this issue our experienced, NATE-certified technicians will come to your home and perform a diagnostic test on your furnace. If we discover a problem with your igniter, we’ll work with you on a service solution.


Technician looking at furnace

Lack of Maintenance

Furnaces are complicated machines and require consistent check ups and inspections. A licensed, NATE Certified HVAC Technician knows what to look for and can spot signs of trouble well in advance. Having routine maintenance and check ups will not only ensure that you always have heat when you need it, but that your furnace will last years to come worry free!

When the cold comes knocking, you shouldn’t be afraid to crank up the heat! Work with Pure Air Solutions in Thornton today, and keep the cold where it belongs: outside!

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