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Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance FAQ

Can you believe that summer is just around the corner? While the warm days of summer still seem to be in the distant future, the weather will begin to warm in a little more than a month. You’ll be turning your air conditioner on shortly after that, and you want to make sure that you don’t encounter any problems. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with a few tips that can help you prepare your HVAC system for the first warm days of the year.

Pure Air Solutions is proud to be Colorado’s Top Rated Local® HVAC company. We provide air conditioning repairs and installations in Northern Colorado, and we would love to help you with any HVAC issues you encounter this year. Get in touch with us here to request our services, and read on to learn how you can prepare your system for the rest of the year!

Change Your AC Filters

No matter what time of the year it is, changing your HVAC system’s air filters is one of the easiest ways to optimize performance and keep your home’s air clean. Filters generally need to be cleaned every three to four months, depending on how frequently you use your HVAC system.

You’ll probably be turning off your furnace in April or May, and when you do, take the opportunity to change the filter. You won’t be turning on the heat again until late September or early October, and you don’t want to forget before the start of next season. If you didn’t change your air conditioner’s furnace when you turned it off last year, then take this opportunity to do so now! When the first warm day arrives, your home will be ready to provide you with clean and comfortable air.

In addition to preventing dust, dirt, and other contaminants from filling your air, clean filters and an annual air conditioner maintenance make it easier for your HVAC system to maintain a stable temperature, which in turn reduces the amount of energy it uses.

Clean Your Bathroom Fans

You frequently clean and detail the fixtures and counters in your bathroom, but have you ever taken the time to clean the fans? A quick glance upward will often reveal a fair amount of dust and discoloration, and the buildup might be preventing your fans from working as efficiently as they could. Moreover, they may be contributing to poor air quality in your home.

Carefully remove the covers and clean them with a mixture of gentle soap and warm water. Use a soft cloth to gently clean the fan blades and the surrounding area, making sure to clean up any dust that falls to the floor.

Consider a New Thermostat

While many homeowners believe that an AC installation is the only way to improve their home’s efficiency, installing a new thermostat is an extremely cost-effective way to efficiently use your energy. If you have a manual thermostat, then you probably turn it on the afternoon or in the evenings, depending on when you and the other members of your household are home. You probably forget to turn it off from time to time, and you might even inadvertently turn it on before it’s actually needed.

No matter what your situation is, it’s likely that a smart thermostat can help you optimize your energy use. You can program the thermostat to only come on at certain times of the day, and you can also remotely access it if you need to adjust the settings while you’re away.

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

The tips we’ve discussed up to this point are certainly valuable, but investing in AC maintenance is by far the best way to prepare your HVAC system for the warm months ahead. Our HVAC technicians will take a close look at your entire unit and diagnose any issues that developed during its downtime. We’ll provide you with a detailed overview of your AC repair options, and if necessary, provide you with advice about your replacement options. We recognize that an unexpected air conditioner installation can be a financial burden, and that’s why we offer flexible financing options for qualifying customers.

Do you need air conditioning maintenance, repairs or an air conditioning replacement? Our talented HVAC technicians will provide you with the services you need at a price you can afford. We’ll always make recommendations that have your interests in mind, providing you with the exceptional customer service you deserve.

You can reach us at (720) 903-1579, or you can fill out our contact form to get started. 

Choose Pure Air Solutions for Your Air Conditioning Tune Up

At Pure Air Solutions, we ensure that our HVAC technicians are top-caliber, skilled, and that they have the experience necessary to provide our customers with the services they deserve.

Our company has a rigorous hiring process, and we strive to ensure that our employees are upstanding members of the community with the qualifications that allow them to provide reliable and high-quality repairs. Our consultants are always learning and developing their techniques. They stay informed regarding the state of the market and are always up to date on technological advancements in HVAC technologies.

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Schedule Service

24/7 Emergency Service Available

Schedule Service

24/7 Emergency Service Available

Dillon was not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also super professional and personable. It’s always a little strange letting someone into your home, but he kept it very comfortable, respectful of our floors, and just a nice person to talk to through the process. Would absolutely recommend Pure Air Heating and AC Solutions based on this experience. 


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