You wish to reduce your cooling bill this summer. You may think that closing the air vents upstairs, where you won’t spend much time, will do the trick. This sounds good in theory, but it won’t work unless you own a variable-speed AC with zoning controls built into it. Single-speed ACs blow cool air out consistently for the specific size of home they’re in, and to limit that square footage can do damage to them.

Added Pressure on the Air Conditioner

Closing vents will increase the pressure inside the ductwork. For one thing, the air will escape that much more quickly through any leaks that the ductwork has, and you may feel the impact of this as your energy bill begins to rise. More critically, though, the added air pressure will strain the system, especially the blower motor. Motors aren’t cheap, and sometimes, our technicians at Pure Air Solutions, LLC must recommend that our clients in Thornton, CO, get a new system because motor replacement isn’t worth it in their case.

Warm Spots and Unusually Long Cycles

Neither the upstairs nor the downstairs will be comfortable if you close the air vents. What will happen is that the supply vents in those closed-off rooms will draw cool air from elsewhere to send into the air handler, raising the temperature of those other rooms just as the AC was in the process of cooling them. As a result, you’ll never reach the desired temperature, and the AC will run for an unusually long time on account of that. Then there are the warm spots between rooms to worry about. Above all, though, we want to advise homeowners that they are prematurely wearing out their AC whenever they present it with airflow obstructions like closed vents.

Warm Care of a Family-Run Business

Established in 2015, Pure Air Solutions, LLC has quickly grown to become a trusted name for AC repairs, installations, and maintenance in the Thornton area. Our family-owned and -operated company can do much more, though, than work on ACs and heaters. We specialize in whole-house humidifiers and products that help maintain good indoor air quality. Call today, and we’ll schedule your appointment!

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