Central HVAC systems are designed to heat and cool homes uniformly. Whether rooms are being used or not, they’ll get a steady flow of conditioned air whenever heaters or air conditioners are on. Paying to have the central HVAC system in your Thornton, Colorado home zoned will prevent the extra spending and energy waste that uniform heating and cooling causes. When homes are zoned, HVAC dampers are used to section off their existing ductwork to independently service select areas.

Dampers Acknowledge “Calling” and “Satisfied” Commands

Zoning a central HVAC system is a multi-step process. During these projects:

  • HVAC dampers are used to divide HVAC ductwork into separate service areas
  • Thermostats are installed in each zone or room
  • Dampers and thermostats are connected to a central control box
  • Air pressure mitigation strategies are employed

Once dampers and thermostats are connected to the control boxes in zoned HVAC systems, they’ll work seamlessly together to maintain the preferred temperatures in each space. Rooms that need conditioned air or “calling zones” will have their HVAC dampers opened so that cooled or warm air can flow in. Rooms that have already reached the desired temperature or “satisfied zones” will have their dampers closed off. Unlike sealing off HVAC air vents, using dampers to limit the flow of conditioned air into select spaces doesn’t cause system damage. Air pressure mitigation strategies keep this from happening.

HVAC Dampers in Air Pressure Mitigation

In brand new construction, homes can be built to accommodate zoned HVAC systems through the installation of oversize air ducts. These ducts are large enough to prevent increases in air pressure from causing equipment damage. However, in existing construction, bypass dampers are installed instead. With these, mounting air pressure is released into bypass ducts whenever the control system commands.

At Pure Air Solutions, LLC, we provide HVAC zoning to residents of Thornton, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Locals can also turn to us for indoor air quality services, humidity control, and smart thermostats. If you want to know more about HVAC zoning or if you’re ready to have your home zoned for increased efficiency, call us today.

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