A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat from one medium to another. This can be accomplished by either conduction or convection, depending on the type of heat exchanger you have. The first step in learning how a heat exchanger works is by understanding what it does and why it’s necessary for certain processes. Let’s explore the different types of heat exchangers used in HVAC units.

How Does a Heat Exchanger Work?

A heat exchanger’s primary function is to transfer energy from one medium into another. HVAC systems use two different types of heat transfers: air to air and water to water.

Air to air exchanges occurs in forced-air heating or cooling units, while water to water occurs in boilers for central HVAC systems. These processes are done through either conduction or convection, depending on which type of HVAC system it’s used with.

Heat Exchangers in Your HVAC System

In HVAC systems, heat exchangers are primarily used to transfer energy from one medium into another. In forced-air heating and cooling units, heat exchanger coils carry warm or cool air over a series of metals in the unit that transfers thermal energy to or from the fluid inside them. The process happens by conduction: the metal heats up while passing through hot gases and then cools down when it passes through cooler ones at different stages in its path. When HVAC systems use water to carry out their processes instead of air, then their function is similar but with some major differences. This is because they have much higher densities than air does, which causes more friction between molecules, causing resistance during flow.

Our technicians can inspect whether or not your HVAC unit needs a new heat exchanger by checking out its efficiency levels first through diagnostic testing procedures. This will give our technicians a chance to see if there are any issues causing malfunctions within your heating or cooling units.

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