Air conditioning units are cooling systems, so they shouldn’t freeze up. If an AC freezes, the system is faulty or not functioning properly. An air conditioner that freezes up might not cool your home effectively, and may perform in an odd way. Are you wondering what to do when your air conditioner freezes up? Here are a few steps to follow.

Thaw It Out

You can start by turning off the air conditioner at the electrical breaker and allowing it to thaw. The system might take a day to thaw completely and this is typical. Choosing a day when you won’t be home is ideal to thaw the AC out.

It’s advisable to avoid using your air conditioner when the evaporator coils are frozen because it could strain the system’s compressor. Avoid breaking the ice with a sharp object because it can damage the AC components and cause other issues.

Dry the Coils

Once you finish thawing the air conditioner, it’s time to dry the evaporator coils. You can now turn on the AC’s power and the blower. Ensure to set the thermostat only to the “fan” setting to allow air circulation around and through the coils for a quick dry. Your air conditioner should operate normally once the coils dry. It’s best to prevent your AC from freezing up again by having it professionally serviced twice a year.

Tips to Prevent a Frozen AC

Dirty air filters are a leading cause of frozen air conditioners. Clean or change air filters as instructed to keep your system functioning properly. Getting an airflow inspection is another effective way of preventing any freezing issues, as obstructed airflow is a significant contributor to many AC issues. Regular tune-ups to inspect the coolant levels also help prevent a frozen AC.

Proactive measures are vital in saving money on energy bills and frequent repairs. That’s why we provide AC preventative maintenance to avoid the headache of ice on your system. Our team offers furnace installations, indoor air quality services, and whole-house humidifiers throughout Thornton, CO and surrounding areas. Call Pure Air Solutions, LLC today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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